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Jefe de Operaciones, Finanzas

Jefe de Operaciones, Finanzas

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Finanzas (FN)

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Job Title:
Manager, Operations Finance
Position Location:
Business Unit:
Primary Function
Responsible for leading the analysis and control of costs of the plant through periodic inventories, analysis of cost of sales, cost of manufacturing and production reports, to streamline the material and human resources looking to have competitive products at lower cost as well as provide support to the plant manager to detect deviations and establish controls to improve production processes.
Reports To:
Maria Alejandra Cubillos
Financial Accounting team at the manufacturing site

Key Deliverables
Critical Deliverables
·         ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL INFORMATION - Lead the analysis and provide insights of the cost of sales, cost of production and broadcast production reports that are useful for areas of production and finance for making appropriate decisions

·         INVENTORIES - Responsible for leading and implementing the monitoring of the physical taking of inventories in warehouses plant, distribution center and appropriations to verify their actual physical existence and determine the reserve for obsolescence

·         CHANGES IN REAL COST VS STANDARD COST - Responsible for analyzing variations in actual costs vs. standard and making the appropriate corrections to the operation or structure to deliver plan/goal

·         COST ACCOUNTING - Responsible for analyzing and driving actions to reduce costs of distribution, logistics vs Unlike financial inventories and mooring accounts deviations in price and consumption.

·         INDUSTRIAL OBLIGATIONS - Responsible for coordinating all industrial obligations have with government agencies to ensure the operation of the plant under a legal framework.

·         SUPPORT MANAGEMENT PLAN - Develop and submit monthly reports for management analysis of plants, seeking to optimize resources through joint analysis of such information. Reliable information from operations is expected.
Provide support and training to operational staff on control processes and procedures

·         FIXED ASSETS - Verify existence and accuracy for the valuation of inventories of materials, finished product, process, parts and provisions, in coordination with the department costs.

Control high, low and receipt of fixed assets, working in coordination with the asset to meet and therefore decentralize some functions, such as closure of projects, physical verification of fixed assets and release of analytical reports CAPEX

·         Forecast and Risk Management - Lead initiatives that can improve forecasting and accuracy in Goal and LEs and other critical financial processes

Agility and  Innovation
•         Create and maintain effective processes to address complex Operations requirements

•         Work with Plant & Finance teams to develop strategies and support on the implementation plans that provide sustainable competitive advantage

•         Champions new processes, removes barriers and adapts current processes to facilitate improvement

•         Encourages open and transparent communication at all levels to reduce the ambiguity

and People
•         Ensure that Plant financial area is consistently meeting the needs of the Company’s financial planning and analysis requirements.

•         Exhibit leadership within team to enhance individual performance, organizational capability, succession planning, development and recognition.

•         Develop collaborative relationships with the Southern Cone Operations Team and key stakeholders.

•         Cultivates and maintains partnerships across functions, helping teams successfully navigate competing priorities

Knowledge, Skills,

and Requirements:
•         Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance or quantitative field

•         Experience in a complex manufacturing business is a must

•         Transformational / Entrepreneurial / Hands-on

•         Experience in Operations finance (Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Capital), Cost and Inventory accounting

•         Public Accountant, Business Administration

•         Knowledge of SAP / Material Ledger / FICO

•         Advanced English